With full speed ahead!

The automation of Norway continues at great speed and one of the industries that is at the forefront of this development is the health sector. In the fight against time constraints, more and more doctors’ offices and health institutions have seen the value in freeing up time in the patient reception by making the payment section fully digital. And Microlog knows this development!

Strömstad Shopping Center helps customers find the perfect gift

There are many ways a company can reach their customers, and with an increasing number of companies in the market, it has become more important than ever to reach the right customers with the right message. Through their creative solutions, Strömstad Shoppingcenter has helped many customers find the perfect gift for those they care about. Center manager Mia Danielsson says that they are seeing good results from the marketing of their gift cards from the Microlog gift card machines.

Using a gift card in safe environments

Do you need help finding the perfect gift for someone who “already has everything” for Christmas? Or for their birthday, for that matter? Or are you in need of a good gift idea, no matter the occasion? If so, a gift card might be the perfect solution. Oslo City has installed two Gift Card Kiosks from Microlog, where you can buy gifts card that can be used on all shopping centers owned by Steen & Strøm.


Microlog announces its latest partnership with A-Medi, a specialist clinic focused on comprehensive health services. This collaboration introduces advanced payment terminals to A-Medi’s expanded facilities, improving service efficiency and patient care by integrating seamlessly with their health systems. This move represents a strategic enhancement to A-Medi’s operational capabilities, promoting a more efficient patient experience.

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