Revolutionizing Efficiency: The Liberating Machine at Kolbotn Gynecologists

The gynecologists at Kolbotn are a private medical center with three specialists in obstetrics and women’s diseases. They previously had a system of payment at the counter. It is both time-consuming and burdensome for the medical secretaries to constantly have to take payments from the patients in the slot. In January this year, they switched to a payment machine from Microlog. Gynecologist Kristin Lyng is very satisfied with the new installation.


This is a busy doctor’s office with a lot of pressure, she says. – The payment machine works excellently, and frees the health secretaries so that they are not tied to the counter in the same way as they were before. They have had more time to do other tasks, and that makes work easier both for them and for us. The machine is easily accessible, and there will be less queues at the counter. Both patients and staff are happy about it. It is also good in relation to infection control. The machine is easy to operate. Now it has become so common anyway with vending machines and people have become more familiar with this system in general.


It was through some colleagues who were very satisfied with the system that we found out about Microlog. We also wanted to have some special layouts on some things, which they have managed to tailor especially for our needs. We had a few problems with the vending machine at the very beginning, but it was fixed right away. They were here within an hour and fixed it.


They are absolutely excellent at follow-up, which makes us completely confident that this was the right choice.

We feel that this saves both time and work for everyone involved, it is much easier, and there are also nice people to work with, Kristin concludes.

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