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Meet the Microlog support team​

Joakim Louis Anthony

Customer Success

Fredrik André Houg

Project manager

Trine Rekdal Lewis

Customer Success

Håvard Sletten

Technical specialist

Anders Christian Stensholdt

Customer Success

Beate Ødegård

Customer Success

Customer satisfaction
is our highest priority.

With the aid of various support tools, our solutions monitor and manage automations throughout Europe around the clock, all year round. Our it solutions are highly automated and communicate with Microlog if processes cease to function for any reason. Many processes are also automated to restart on their own, ensuring continuous production. This contributes to stable operations and profitability.

Knowledge and Expertise

Our team's deep knowledge ensures quick, accurate solutions, helping you make the most of our products and services with confidence.

Responsiveness and Availability

Available across multiple channels, we're here to offer timely support whenever you need it, minimizing downtime and stress.

Empathy and Patience

We listen and respond with understanding, ensuring every interaction is respectful, patient, and focused on solving your concerns.

Problem-Solving Skills

Armed with critical thinking and creativity, we deliver effective, forward-thinking solutions that keep your experience smooth and satisfying.

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