Gift Card Solutions

Complete Gift Card Solutions: Kiosks, Webshop, & Administration Portal

Microlog Web Portal

Centralized web portal for real-time insights and efficient management of sales data.

Discover our online gift card platform

Durable and modern kiosks fully customizable

Self-service Giftcard Kiosk

Transform Your Retail Experience with the self-service Gift Card Kiosk

Ignite sales and elevate customer satisfaction with our cutting-edge Gift Card Kiosk. Designed to attract new customers, drive impulse buys, and foster loyalty, our kiosk offers a comprehensive solution to boost sales and footfall in your store.

Boost Sales & Loyalty with the Modern Gift Card Kiosk

Are you struggling with footfall and stagnant sales? Our kiosk provides the solution, offering increased footfall by attracting gift-seekers with a convenient solution, boosting sales by driving impulse buys and larger purchases with strategic placement, and building loyalty by converting one-time buyers with exclusive offers.

Packed with Features

Discover a range of features designed to enhance your retail experience, including pickup codes to encourage online purchases with in-store redemption, promotions to generate excitement with limited-time discounts, and event loading to simplify bulk gift card distribution.

Sleek Design & Engaging Content

Our compact 27-inch touchscreen kiosk seamlessly complements your store aesthetic, while eye-catching visuals promote your offerings to customers.

Join the Modern Advantage

With over 500 successful installations across Europe, we are the trusted partner to help you unlock the full potential of your business. Compliant with CE, PCI, and Fire and Hazard regulations, our kiosk ensures both safety and quality.

Encrypted communication:
The communication between the machine and the customer portal is encrypted.

No customer data is stored

The payment terminal is approved according to PCI regulations. The kiosk is CE approved, and also according to Fire and Hazard regulations.

  • 27 ″ screen with the
  • possibility of information in the upper part
    8-inch receipt paper, 500 receipts per roll
  • Net’s payment terminal with contactless reader
    Windows PC w /
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Industrial quality
  • Requires regular network or 4G / 5G router
  • Encrypted traffic via VPN
  • Nemko, CE, EMC, PCI approved
  • Powder coated

Table top

A serviced sales tool used by the largest shopping centers in the Nordic region. Used by the people working at the Info desk to sell gift cards, easier and safer  than ever before.


Sell cards with different amounts.

Secure a login for each employee and a secure VPN connection to ensure the safety.

Replacement cards. If supported by your gift card supplier's API, we will explore the possibility of making replacement cards.

  • 27 ″ split-screen with your own profile
  • 8-inch receipt paper, 500 receipts per roll
  • Payment terminal with contactless reader
    Windows PC 
  • Windows 11 Pro
  • Industrial quality
  • Requires regular fixed network or stable 4G / 5G router
  • Encrypted traffic via VPN
  • Nemko, CE, EMC, PCI approved
  • Powder coated

Your Solution for Easy Gift Card Transactions

Enhance your retail experience with our Gift Card Kiosks, the perfect blend of technology and convenience. These kiosks streamline the gift card buying process and amplify your brand's presence, driving sales and deepening customer loyalty. Experience the future of retail with our sleek, user-friendly kiosks designed for today's fast-paced market.

Expansive Network

Leverage our Europe-wide kiosk network for broad accessibility

Innovative Design

Our kiosks are crafted for peak performance, reliability, and space efficiency


Enjoy continuous enhancements for durability and evolving customer needs

Ease of Use

Designed with the user in mind, our kiosks support multiple payment options for seamless transactions

Robust Management Features

Access in-depth sales analytics and management tools for effortless operation

Online Gift Card Shop

Boost gift card sales with our online shop, making purchases convenient and accessible for customers.

Experience the convenience of our online gift card shop. Customize web shops to easily sell digital or physical gift cards while aligning with your brand. We prioritize security and provide dedicated support, ensuring a stress-free experience for both you and your customers.

Boost Sales

By offering a new online sales channel, it can significantly increase the turnover from gift card sales

Drives Traffic

The flexibility of delivery methods for gift cards encourages more visits to your shopping center, potentially increasing overall customer footfall

Enhance Brand Loyalty

The integration of online stores, campaign features, and vending machines for gift cards aids in building customer loyalty and brand recognition

Microlog Web Portal

Optimize Operations with Our Advanced Web Portal Solution

Leverage our comprehensive web portal to automate and streamline your operations securely. Enjoy features like encrypted data management, real-time claims status, flexible reporting, transaction records with receipt copies, and automated alerts for maintenance needs. Gain control with remote device management, including upgrades and monitoring, ensuring efficiency and security in every transaction. Elevate your administrative capabilities with our intuitive, feature-rich platform.

Secure Data Management

Utilizes GeoTrust-approved encryption for enhanced data security

Real-Time Insights & Reporting

Offers comprehensive reporting tools, including instant snapshots of claims and customizable report scheduling

Automated Alerts & Transaction Records

Features automated SMS/email alerts for maintenance and records all transactions with receipt copies in the admin panel

Remote Device Management

Allows for remote control, upgrades, and monitoring of payment machines for seamless operation

Full payment flow with our products ​

Gift Card Kiosk​

Microlog manages hundreds of gift card kiosks across Europe for our valued customers. Perfectly meeting the needs of today’s consumers for swift and hassle-free transactions, they’re an essential addition to any modern retail environment.

Gift Card Webshop​

The webshop offers a hassle-free experience for your customers, enabling them to effortlessly send digital greetings and gift cards to each other with just a few clicks.

Microlog Web Portal​

Our user-friendly portal centralizes operations, providing real-time insights and streamlined management. From tracking sales to generating detailed reports, experience efficiency at its best. Optimize your workflow and elevate your business with ease.

Reasons to choose
Microlog Gift Card Solution

Convenience and Accessibility

Provides a seamless purchasing experience both in-person and online.

Comprehensive Management

Centralized web portal for real-time insights and efficient management of sales data.

Customer Engagement

Enhances customer loyalty with flexible, user-friendly purchasing and redemption options.

Security and Reliability

Ensures transactions are secure and systems are always operational with remote management features.

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