Innovative Marketing Strategies for Microlog’s Gift Card Machines

There are many ways to reach out to your customers, and with more and more players on the market, it has become even more important to reach the right customers with the right message. With its creative solutions, Strömstad Shoppingcenter has helped many customers find the perfect gift for those they care about, and center manager Mia Danielsson says that they see good results for the marketing of their gift cards from the gift card machines from Microlog.r

An important self-help tool

In addition to his responsibility as center manager, Danielsson is also responsible for marketing at the centre. When the center decided to start selling gift cards, Danielsson did her own research, and after looking at various options and suppliers, she got in touch with Microlog.

“We have both physical gift cards that can be bought from a machine, and gift cards that can be bought online through the webshop. It was important for us to have both options,” says Danielsson.

It is Danielsson herself who has worked on the creative marketing, and she thinks it is important to help customers solve their problems in a simple way.

“I think marketing is exciting, and it is important to dare to think outside the box. I see the gift card machines as a self-help tool, and it is therefore important to help our customers,” says Danielsson.

More than just a vending machine in a corner

This thinking has resulted in a specially designed wall behind the gift card machine, with quotes such as “what do you play with as a teenager?” and “what do you give to someone who has everything?”, to illustrate the value of a gift card. Furthermore, the center has focused on a common thread, through, among other things, complimenting it with stickers on the floor that show the way to the machine.

“We didn’t want to just have a vending machine in a corner, but to actually have a proper place for it. We have therefore also put lighting on this wall, so that it will be clearly visible when you enter the centre,” says Danielsson.

In addition, they have made a film in which Danielsson talks about the gift card machines and the possibilities for buying gift cards. This film was posted together with a QR code, so that customers who see the film and other advertisements can easily get to their website and webshop.

“It should be easy for our customers to buy these gift cards, because we want to make it easy for them to solve the problem,” says Danielsson.

Addresses a large target group

All the shops at the center have been given a display for gift cards, and the center also offers personal greeting cards. Danielsson says that they have noticed good results from these combined measures, especially during the pandemic.

“What has been particularly cool about these gift cards is that we are a very varied shopping centre, with many different types of shops, so we have a large and varied target group. We therefore want to be clear that you can buy these gift cards for both grandchildren and grandmothers,” says Danielsson.

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