Stasjonsgata Legekontor: Satisfied customer of Microlog

With a focus on the customer and their user experience, satisfied customers are important to Microlog. Stasjonsgata Legekontor is one of the doctor’s offices that uses Microlog’s payment solution, and they say that they have had a very good experience with both the product and support so far.

The need for an integrated payment solution

Hanne Warlo Borgen from Stasjonsgata Legekontor says that at the start of the year they decided to switch to Microlog’s payment solutions. They have not regretted this decision afterwards. “We have three GP practices, a substitute doctor and a doctor on duty, as well as two health secretaries, so it was important for us to find a good solution that everyone can use, regardless of computer skills. We have now used Microlog for a couple of months, and think it works well,” says Borgen. The reason why the doctor’s office decided to look for a new payment solution was that they changed their records system, and that their previous provider was not integrated with their new records system. “When we changed the system, we wanted something that was easier to administer for our reception staff, as they are the ones who do most of the practical work around the payment machine,” says Borgen.

Good and practical solutions are important

When Stasjonsgata Legekontor started looking for other payment solutions, they came into contact with Microlog through a recommendation from their record system, WebMed. In the end, Microlog was the natural choice, partly because Microlog and WebMed could be integrated in a good and simple way. “The system is easy for the patients to use, while it is easy for us to manage digitally, for example by sending out claims, withdrawing claims and correcting sums,” says Borgen.

A system that is easy to administer yourself

The medical office says that they are particularly satisfied with the integration between the payment solution and the records system, as it ensures that everything works well in their computer system. In addition to the functionality linked to the payment solution itself, Borgen says that they have also had a good experience with support from Microlog. “We were, among other things, in contact with them in the start-up phase, and had good experience with it, but we do most of it ourselves. There has been much less contact with support now than there was with our previous supplier,” says Borgen. Furthermore, she says that they appreciate that the system is easy to administer, and that they can fix most things in their portal themselves. The staff at reception also have good experience with the system, and say that they have been very satisfied with Microlog’s support the times they have been in contact with them.

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