Streamlining Healthcare Administration: The Impact of Helseportalen

Everyday life in a doctor’s office can be very hectic. There are many people who want help, a lot to be done and many payments to keep track of. Microlog’s health portal and payment solution allows doctors and medical secretaries to save valuable time, through, among other things, being able to easily look up patient payments.

“This is a portal that is linked to Microlog’s payment solutions, both payment machines and MicroPay (mobile payment). Doctors and health secretaries use it to find a receipt, credit an invoice, or delete the invoice fee,” says Mariann Sunde, who is Sales Manager Health at Microlog.

An easy-to-use solution

For users of the system, this means that they can easily look up invoices, delete invoices, make them fee-free, send and delete Vipps claims, postpone the deadline for a Vipps payment and print or export complete reports. Sunde says that they particularly see the advantage of administering payments through Vipps, as this is used more and more often in their payment solution.

The solution is easy to use, and it is very intuitive what to do. You can search for tariff codes, national identification numbers or the patient’s name. and then make the changes you want,” says Sunde.

In addition to managing payments, Microlog’s payment solution allows customers to run advanced reports per doctor in a doctor’s office. This means, among other things, that the doctor’s office can retrieve monthly reports, and the accounting office can retrieve reports to run the accounts.

Self-administration gives greater freedom

Compared to alternative solutions on the market, Microlog’s health portal is self-administered. Changes can be implemented and managed yourself, while good support is always available should you need it. This means that you as a user do not have to wait in telephone queues to use the solution.

“We have a special focus on the health secretaries, as they are usually on the front line, and that they can make their everyday lives easier by making these changes themselves,” says Sunde.

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