Eliminate Bottlenecks with Microlog’s Advanced Health Machine!

You might recognize yourself. It is boiling and sizzling in the doctor’s office, the day is just beginning and the patients are pouring in. Samples are taken at the lab, some come and some go – and in the middle of it all, the services provided must be settled.

For many people, the payment becomes a bottleneck that creates an unnecessary burden on their livelihood, but it doesn’t have to be like that!

A good offer for everyone

Trine Dogan works at the Kalbakken Medical Office. She is health secretary and has had much of the responsibility regarding payment and settlements for the doctors. “The biggest problem arose when we no longer had as good access to cash as before! It became almost impossible to obtain bills of exchange, and since our customers are entitled to be able to use more than one payment method, we had to find a good alternative.”

With a health machine, we can offer payment by card and Vipps. E-consultations are paid for with Vipps via SMS and have a 48-hour payment deadline. In a simple way, we got several payment options – just as the law requires!

Another important element is that it is possible to “draw” with the bank card when the sum is below a certain level. “Especially this makes it easier for those of our patients with various degrees of cognitive impairment, but also for those times where there are many people around the machine and you are anxious about whether someone can see your code. We experience that this creates a safe environment for our patients,” says Dogan.

An easier everyday life for everyone

The actual implementation of the system has been both simple and flexible and the customers have welcomed it. “We gave notice in good time here at the doctor’s office so that all our patients would be aware that we would soon switch to another payment scheme. In addition, Microlog has been incredibly good at training, information and general follow-up. We simply feel very well looked after!” Trine goes on to list the advantages of Microlog:

Good customer service
Good help
No issues
Easy to switch from one system to another
Very concerned about everything being in order

We really have no qualms about recommending this system further – both to other doctors’ offices and to patients. I don’t think anyone wants to go back to what we had before here at Kalbakken anyway!

And we at Microlog could not strictly agree more…

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