With full speed ahead!

Automation for everyone

Mariann Sunde is sales manager within health at Microlog and she has witnessed the rapid development of the last three years. “We notice that more and more offices are opening their eyes to solutions that make it easier for both patients and employees. It frees up time, provides quick and secure payment and less follow-up afterwards,” she explains.

“Microlog’s system is easy for the patients to use, while at the same time it is easy for us to manage digitally, through, for example, sending out claims, withdrawing claims and correcting sums”

Hanne Warlo Borgen, Stasjonsgata Medical office

Enda mer effektivt har det blitt nå som man også kan knytte VIPPS opp mot automatene. «Dette ser vi at gir enda raskere oppgjør, svært god tilgjengelighet for pasientene og ikke minst tidsbesparende for helsesekretærene. Resultatet er jo at man får bedre tid til å utføre andre, viktige oppgaver.»

New solutions

With growth and increased interest, development in other ways also often follows. One of the big news for the future is the small, hand-held vending machines that are perfect for smaller businesses where it is not appropriate to rent or buy in the large versions. “This will open up a much simpler everyday life for the country’s many physiotherapists, specialists and small doctors’ offices. With a smaller hand-held variant from Microlog, you will get the same seamless integration between the patient log and the accounting program, which makes it much easier to keep both parts in order.”

And when new products bring more customers, you also have to make sure that there is always someone who can help if you have any questions. “We have now hired two new people on support to ensure that we maintain the availability we are already so well known for with our customers. No one should feel that increased interest comes at the expense of our service to existing customers, because they are the most important thing we have!”

Industry meetings

There is nothing to suggest that the future will be any quieter for Mariann and the others who work in the health sector at Microlog. “In October we will be traveling to the Nidaros Congress to showcase our products to a collective industry, and we are really looking forward to that. We will also be at other conferences around because there are still many people who haven’t seen everything we have to offer, and we have to do something about that!”

And with a curious and innovative development team at the back and a good service network ready to talk to the customers, everything is set in place so that the time ahead will be at least as busy for the Microlog gang as it has been until now!

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