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Microlog is spearheading a digital revolution in Norway's healthcare sector, led by sales manager Mariann Sunde. The focus is on implementing digital payment solutions that streamline processes and enhance both patient and staff experiences. The introduction of compact, handheld payment devices is particularly aimed at smaller healthcare providers, optimizing their operational efficiency and record-keeping.
We are proud to announce that we have expanded our talented support team with two amazing new employees.
We are pleased to announce that we have hired a new sales and marketing manager.
The automation of Norway continues at great speed and one of the industries that is at the forefront of this development is the health sector. In the fight against time constraints, more and more doctors' offices and health institutions have seen the value in freeing up time in the patient reception by making the payment section fully digital. And Microlog knows this development!
Streamlining Healthcare: Discover How Kalbakken Medical Office Transformed Patient Payments and Improved Security with Microlog's Innovative Health Machine
Working with technological advancements is all about creating tomorrow’s solutions. What will we really need? Where can we make life easier for people? Kittikorn Detnoi and Tor Niklas Strøm make up two thirds of the current development team at Microlog. Together, they daily work on requests and questions from customers who want a simpler everyday life, and as a progressive development team, the path from a request to new functionality is often short.
Microlog has recently experienced strong growth and increased demand. Siri Elisabeth Sogstad is a sales coordinator at Microlog and is responsible for the service and support department in the company. She says it has been an exciting journey to be part of, and that they are looking forward to the future.
Discover how Stasjonsgata Legekontor enhanced their operations with Microlog's seamless payment solutions, improving efficiency and satisfaction in their daily activities.
Microlog is enhancing their vending machine technology to better serve customer business needs, led by Chief Technology Officer Eirik Finvold. Eirik finds the project to be both thrilling and enriching, reflecting the company's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.
Several years of pandemic have opened the eyes of many companies to the importance of a high-quality, well-functioning online presence. The developments within e-commerce has increased considerably in recent years, and so has the demand for products from Microlog. Chief Product Owner with Microlog, Eva Åberg, says it is an exciting and educational journey Microlog has been through the last few years.
Celebrating three successful years, Microlog reflects on its impact in the healthcare sector, emphasizing continuous improvement and robust partnerships to streamline medical payments and operations.
Discover how Kolbotn Gynecologists transformed their clinic's workflow with Microlog's payment machine, freeing up staff and improving patient service.
Explore how Strömstad Shopping Center boosts customer engagement with Microlog's gift card machines through creative marketing tactics, including a custom-designed promotional wall and interactive QR codes
There are many ways a company can reach their customers, and with an increasing number of companies in the market, it has become more important than ever to reach the right customers with the right message. Through their creative solutions, Strömstad Shoppingcenter has helped many customers find the perfect gift for those they care about. Center manager Mia Danielsson says that they are seeing good results from the marketing of their gift cards from the Microlog gift card machines.
Do you need help finding the perfect gift for someone who “already has everything” for Christmas? Or for their birthday, for that matter? Or are you in need of a good gift idea, no matter the occasion? If so, a gift card might be the perfect solution. Oslo City has installed two Gift Card Kiosks from Microlog, where you can buy gifts card that can be used on all shopping centers owned by Steen & Strøm.
Explore how Helseportalen, integrated with Microlog's payment solutions, is transforming everyday operations at medical offices, freeing up valuable time for healthcare staff by simplifying patient payment management and administrative tasks.
Microlog's strategic focus on digital solutions during the pandemic has led to the swift success of their client-focused webshops. COO Eva Åberg details the integration of convenient payment options and the launch of nearly 100 webshops, enhancing customer experience and driving sales.
Microlog announces its latest partnership with A-Medi, a specialist clinic focused on comprehensive health services. This collaboration introduces advanced payment terminals to A-Medi's expanded facilities, improving service efficiency and patient care by integrating seamlessly with their health systems. This move represents a strategic enhancement to A-Medi’s operational capabilities, promoting a more efficient patient experience.
A-Medi's partnership with Microlog has significantly streamlined their payment and administrative processes, reducing wait times and improving overall patient care by integrating seamlessly with their healthcare systems.
Microlog unveils a new webshop platform specifically designed for the seamless sale of gift cards, enhancing customer convenience with options like electronic delivery via SMS or email. This platform is easily customizable to match the branding of any business, ensuring a quick setup within 1-2 weeks and offering promotional free usage through the end of 2020.
Greverud Medical Center has introduced a new payment system from Microlog, streamlining financial transactions directly to doctors' accounts. This system allows for immediate settlements post-treatment, significantly reducing administrative time and enhancing focus on patient care. The integration of this payment method into their services has been well received for its efficiency and effectiveness.
Mall of Tripla in Finland, one of Northern Europe's largest shopping centers, gears up for the holiday season with the installation of four new gift card machines and a dedicated gift card PC. This setup streamlines manual sales from the information center, enhancing both efficiency and customer service.
Oslo City Medical Center recently upgraded to a new payment terminal by Microlog, streamlining financial transactions directly through a secure system that supports card, Vipps, and invoice printing. This system not only enhances the clinic's operational efficiency but also offers robust data security measures, ensuring safe handling of sensitive information.
Mylly Shopping Center in Finland introduces stylishly designed gift card machines, enhancing the holiday shopping experience. As the largest shopping destination on Finland's west coast, Mylly stands out for its extensive array of restaurants and fashion stores. The center looks forward to continued success and a fruitful partnership with Microlog.
Sello, one of Finland’s largest shopping centers, has partnered with Microlog to introduce a new gift card machine. This upgrade aims to enhance the shopping experience, ensuring convenience and efficiency in gift card purchases. The collaboration marks a significant advancement in service and technology integration at the center.
Since 2008, Microlog has sold over 5 million gift cards, accumulating a value of approximately 3.2 billion kroner. This achievement underscores the company's significant impact and growth in the gift card market.
IKEA Erikslund in Sweden has selected Microlog’s gift card machines, marking the third IKEA center to adopt this technology this year. The choice was influenced by the advanced features and user-friendly interface of Microlog's solutions. This partnership highlights Microlog's position as the leading provider of gift card machines in the Nordic region.
Jumbo Shopping Center in Finland has upgraded their service by adopting a new Tabletop Gift Card PC from Microlog, aimed at enhancing the efficiency and ease of gift card sales. The decision was driven by the success of the existing system and increasing demand for gift cards at the center.

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