Healthcare Solutions

Microlog's solution modernizes healthcare with easy patient check-ins, mobile payments, and streamlined clinic operations.

Healthcare Kiosks

The healthcare kiosk offers a fast and secure way to manage patient check-ins and payments

Mobile payment with MicroPay

Simplify payments with MicroPay, our own mobile solution for quick SMS link payments

Microlog Web Portal

Centralized web portal for real-time insights and efficient management of data

Self-service Healthcare kiosk

Transform Your Clinic Experience with the Health Kiosk

Empower your patients and streamline payment processes with our innovative Health Kiosk solution. Designed for easy use and advanced payment capabilities, our kiosk enhances the patient experience while providing a seamless payment solution for your clinic.

Effortless Patient Registration and Payment

Patients can conveniently register themselves upon arrival at the kiosk, simplifying check-in procedures. Following their consultation, patients have the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method, whether it’s Vipps, credit/debit card, or deferred payment via invoice. Your clinic retains control over accepted payment types, including contactless options, ensuring convenience and flexibility for patients.

User-Friendly Automation for Optimal Efficiency

Our solution is fully automated, emphasizing user-friendliness and efficiency. Simply replenish receipt paper when notified via SMS or email, allowing for uninterrupted operation. All payment transactions, including Vipps, invoices, and card payments, are seamlessly processed and reconciled directly into your clinic’s bank account. The Clinic Portal provides comprehensive insights, compiling daily reconciliations and weekly turnover reports delivered conveniently via email.

The communication between the machine and the customer portal is encrypted.

No customer data is stored

The payment terminal is provided by Nets and is PCI approved.

  • 27 ″ screen with the
  • possibility of information in the upper part
    8-inch receipt paper, 500 receipts per roll
  • Net’s payment terminal with contactless reader
    Windows PC w /
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Industrial quality
  • Requires regular network or 4G / 5G router
  • Encrypted traffic via VPN
  • Nemko, CE, EMC, PCI approved
  • Powder coated

Instant Vipps payment with MicroPay

Effortless Payment Initiation

MicroPay sends an SMS to patients immediately after their consultation, providing a convenient link for payment. This feature eliminates the need for physical queues and paperwork, enabling a smooth transition from consultation to payment.

Flexible Payment Options

Catering to diverse patient preferences, MicroPay supports a variety of payment methods, including the widely used Vipps service and traditional bank cards. This flexibility ensures that every patient can choose the most convenient way to settle their bills.

Timely Payment Reminders

To avoid missed payments and to streamline clinic operations, MicroPay integrates automated reminders. Patients receive these prompts if their initial payment is delayed, ensuring that clinics can maintain a steady flow of revenue without engaging in time-consuming follow-ups.

  • 27 ″ screen with the
  • possibility of information in the upper part
    8-inch receipt paper, 500 receipts per roll
  • Net’s payment terminal with contactless reader
    Windows PC w /
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Industrial quality
  • Requires regular network or 4G / 5G router
  • Encrypted traffic via VPN
  • Nemko, CE, EMC, PCI approved
  • Powder coated

Tabletop Card Terminal

Secure Transactions

Ensure patient data security with encrypted payment processing and PCI-compliant technology.

Customized Solutions

Tailor the terminal to fit your clinic's specific needs, with options for different payment methods and integrations with existing systems.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Improve patient satisfaction with a convenient and efficient payment process.

Streamlined Operations

Reduce administrative burden with easy-to-use features and comprehensive transaction management capabilities.

Upgrade your clinic’s payment system with our innovative Tabletop Card Terminal. Designed for healthcare facilities, this device streamlines transactions and boosts patient satisfaction.Our terminal offers a hassle-free payment experience for patients. With an intuitive interface, transactions are quick and secure, reducing wait times and enhancing satisfaction. Staff can process payments with ease using our user-friendly terminal. With advanced features, it minimizes errors and simplifies administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus on patient care.

Enhanced Security Measures

Our systems prioritize your data's security through encrypted communications between the kiosk and customer portal, ensuring no customer data is stored. Additionally, all machines are supplied by Nets and come with PCI approval, reflecting our commitment to high security standards.

Reconciliation of payment terminal​​

Your financial operations are streamlined with our system, directly reconciling payments to your bank account and compiling all transactions in a customer portal. Receive concise daily reconciliations and detailed weekly sales reports via email, ensuring up-to-date financial oversight.

Enhanced operational efficiency​​​

Our system ensures a streamlined payment process, reducing delays and complexities. Additionally, it provides real-time insights for informed decision-making, empowering proactive adjustments and strategic planning to drive business success.​

Microlog Web Portal

Optimize Operations with Our Advanced Web Portal Solution

Leverage our comprehensive web portal to automate and streamline your operations securely. Enjoy features like encrypted data management, real-time patient claims status, flexible reporting, transaction records with receipt copies, and automated alerts for maintenance needs. Gain control with remote device management, including upgrades and monitoring, ensuring efficiency and security in every transaction. Elevate your administrative capabilities with our intuitive, feature-rich platform.

Secure Data Management

Utilizes GeoTrust-approved encryption for enhanced data security.

Real-Time Insights & Reporting

Offers comprehensive reporting tools, including instant snapshots of claims and customizable report scheduling.

Automated Alerts & Transaction Records

Features automated SMS/email alerts for maintenance and records all transactions with receipt copies in the admin panel.

Remote Device Management

Allows for remote control, upgrades, and monitoring of payment machines for seamless operation.

Full payment flow with our products

Health Kiosk

The clinic’s self-service kiosk streamlines the patient experience by combining registration and payment functionalities into one efficient unit. This intuitive solution enhances operational flow, reducing wait times and administrative workload.


MicroPay offers a convenient mobile payment solution for clinics, sending patients a payment link via SMS after their visit. If not paid promptly via Vipps, a reminder ensures timely payment or bank card use, avoiding additional fees. This solution simplifies transactions without the need for physical terminals.

Microlog Web Portal

Secure account access with unique credentials, supported by Bank-ID or Google Authenticator. Features include an overview of claims, flexible reporting (weekly, monthly, reconciliations), transaction registration with receipts, and automated alerts for receipt paper refills.

Reasons to choose
Microlog self-service check-out

Automated Patient Services

Simplifies check-in and payment processes, enhancing patient experience and clinic workflow.

Multiple Payment Options

Supports card, Vipps, and invoicing, offering flexibility for both patients and clinics.

High Security and Privacy

Ensures encrypted communication and stores no customer data, maintaining high standards of security and privacy.

Remote Management Features

Allows for remote upgrades, monitoring, and management, ensuring the machine's reliability and efficiency.

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