With full speed ahead

Microlog is spearheading a digital revolution in Norway’s healthcare sector, led by sales manager Mariann Sunde. The focus is on implementing digital payment solutions that streamline processes and enhance both patient and staff experiences. The introduction of compact, handheld payment devices is particularly aimed at smaller healthcare providers, optimizing their operational efficiency and record-keeping.

New possibilities with Microlog’s kiosks

Microlog is enhancing their vending machine technology to better serve customer business needs, led by Chief Technology Officer Eirik Finvold. Eirik finds the project to be both thrilling and enriching, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

The Journey To 100 Webshops

Several years of pandemic have opened the eyes of many companies to the importance of a high-quality, well-functioning online presence. The developments within e-commerce has increased considerably in recent years, and so has the demand for products from Microlog. Chief Product Owner with Microlog, Eva Åberg, says it is an exciting and educational journey Microlog has been through the last few years.

E-Commerce Success: Microlog’s Rapid Webshop Expansion

Microlog’s strategic focus on digital solutions during the pandemic has led to the swift success of their client-focused webshops. COO Eva Åberg details the integration of convenient payment options and the launch of nearly 100 webshops, enhancing customer experience and driving sales.

Innovating Gift Card Sales: Microlog’s New Online Store

Microlog unveils a new webshop platform specifically designed for the seamless sale of gift cards, enhancing customer convenience with options like electronic delivery via SMS or email. This platform is easily customizable to match the branding of any business, ensuring a quick setup within 1-2 weeks and offering promotional free usage through the end of 2020.

Mall of Tripla

Mall of Tripla in Finland, one of Northern Europe’s largest shopping centers, gears up for the holiday season with the installation of four new gift card machines and a dedicated gift card PC. This setup streamlines manual sales from the information center, enhancing both efficiency and customer service.

New payment machine for Oslo City Medical Center

Oslo City Medical Center recently upgraded to a new payment terminal by Microlog, streamlining financial transactions directly through a secure system that supports card, Vipps, and invoice printing. This system not only enhances the clinic’s operational efficiency but also offers robust data security measures, ensuring safe handling of sensitive information.

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