Innovating Gift Card Sales: Microlog’s New Online Store

Now your customers can buy gift cards from the centre’s own online shop. The online store is implemented on their own websites, with their logo and background images. Fix finished in 1-2 weeks!

B2C, B2B
Sell gift cards to both your private customers and business customers. Customers can order physical cards that are sent by post, or a retrieval code that is sent by SMS or e-mail.

Collection codes, fast and convenient
The gift card can be sent electronically by SMS or email as a retrieval code. you can even decide when the SMS or email is to be delivered, which is practical when the gift is to be delivered for a special anniversary or at a special time. By entering the collection code on their gift card machine, the gift card(s) are delivered quickly and easily. The retrieval code can of course only be used once. Whoever buys the gift card can also add their own background image, video clip, or choose from the center’s own background images.

Payment and invoice
Customers can pay by credit card, Vipps or invoice. For B2B sales, an automated invoice solution with payment follow-up and ledger management is offered. The order is released as soon as the invoice is paid.

Splicing with friends or family
Invite friends or family to join. The person who creates Spleis determines the amount, and whether it is a fixed or freely chosen amount for the individual co-splicer, who himself pays for his share of the splice. By setting a time limit on the splice, implementation is simplified. When the deadline has expired, the gift card is sent. Easily!

Sell gift cards on mobile, tablet or PC.
The online store is responsive and can therefore be used on tablets, PCs and mobile phones

Buy gift cards just as easily on your tablet or mobileā€¦
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