Microlog Marks Three-Year Milestone in Health Equipment Sector

It is now three years since Microlog became part of the healthcare market, through its practical payment solutions for medical centres. Sales Manager Health at Microlog, Mariann Sunde, says that it has been an exciting and educational time for them after Microlog’s health machine came on the market

“Today we have many satisfied customers. We have several integrations with electronic patient records on the way, in addition to our current partners, Webmed and Infodoc,” says Sunde.

In addition to making everyday life easier for employees at medical centres, Microlog also focuses on ensuring that the patient has as good an experience as possible when they use the Microlog health machine. This focus comes through, among other things, through customers being able to choose the payment option that suits them best.

“Patients who use our solution can choose to pay for their consultation with most payment solutions, such as Vipps, Google Pay, Apple Pay, payment, invoice or credit card,” says Sunde.

Microlog also offers to purchase invoices for doctors’ offices, via their partner Arvato. In practice, this means that the doctor’s offices will be paid for the service they have performed regardless of whether the patient settles after the consultation or not. A solution like this means that the medical center is guaranteed a stable and predictable economy. Microlog also offers a selection of different payment solutions for the practitioners themselves.

“You as a processor can choose both the payment machine, MicroPay, which is a mobile payment, and we will soon also be able to offer an Android solution,” shares Sunde.

In addition to the functionality required to manage the patient visit itself, users of Microlog can also use their portal to easily look up invoices, delete invoices, make them fee-free, send and delete Vipps claims, postpone the deadline for a Vipps payment and write out or export complete reports.

A solution with the customer in focus has meant that Microlog has built up several satisfied customers, who use their health machine to make everyday work easier. One of these satisfied customers is Gynecologists at Kolbotn.

“They are absolutely excellent at follow-up, which makes us completely confident that this was the right choice. We find that this saves both time and work for everyone involved, it’s much easier, and there are also nice people to work with,” says gynecologist Kristin Lyng.

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