The Journey To 100 Webshops

The pandemic has shown many companies the importance of having a strong online presence. E-commerce has boomed in recent years, which has led to an increased demand for Microlog’s products. Eva Åberg, Product manager at Microlog, says the company’s journey over the last few years has been both exciting and educational

“We have now launched over 100 webshops, in Sweden, Norway, Finland, England and Ireland, and we see an increase in the profits of the centers that have chosen to add a webshop to their business,” says Eva Åberg, responsible for everything related to gift cards at Microlog.

Furthermore, according to Åberg, companies that use Microlog online stores selling gift cards see an average 15-20% increase in profits. While a good webshop platform can certainly be beneficial, it’s important to remember that consistent and creative marketing efforts are also essential for webshop success.

Åberg highlights the convenience of these webshops. Customers can shop for gift cards 24/7 and choose exactly when the recipient gets them. Plus, the webshop seamlessly connects to the center’s website for a smooth experience.

A Webshop Designed for Success

Imagine a webshop that’s as easy for your customers to navigate, seamlessly integrated with your shopping center’s unique brand identity. That’s the magic of Microlog’s webshop solution.

Here’s what makes it special:

  • Effortless Customer Experience: An intuitive design makes shopping a breeze for your customers.
  • Your Brand, Front and Center: Completely customize the webshop to match your shopping center’s look and feel.

This focus on a seamless experience isn’t just a trend – it’s essential. As Eva Åberg, Micrologs representative, points out, the pandemic highlighted the importance of a strong online presence. But even with things returning to normal, a webshop is still a powerful tool to attract and retain customers.

Microlog doesn’t stop there, though. They’re constantly innovating to make their webshop even better. This includes:

  • Continuously Adding New Features: Microlog is always looking for ways to improve the shopping experience for both your customers and your shopping center.
  • Listening to Customer Feedback: Your ideas matter! Microlog actively seeks input to ensure their webshop meets your evolving needs.

A recent update lets customers purchase gift cards for multiple recipients at once – a highly requested feature. And there’s even more on the horizon! This fall, you can expect exciting new features that will further enhance the webshop seling eaven many more gift cards creating even more footfall .

Ready to take your shopping center to the next level? Contact Microlog today to learn more about their innovative webshop solution.

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