We develop for our customers and Microlog’s future

Working with technological advancements is all about creating tomorrow’s solutions. What will we really need? Where can we make life easier for people? Kittikorn Detnoi and Tor Niklas Strøm make up two thirds of the current development team at Microlog. Together, they daily work on requests and questions from customers who want a simpler everyday life, and as a progressive development team, the path from a request to new functionality is often short.

An everyday life of great opportunities.

One of the most important new launches is a “mini version” of the larger payment machines you can find in doctors’ offices all over the country today. “When we started, we were given a few smaller versions of the hardware so that we could get to know the software and how the payment machines work in practice,” Tor Niklas says, “- and through this work we have simultaneously developed a version that we are now making available to our customers.”

The new portable payment terminals offer the same option to choose payment method, with options ranging from card, Vipps or invoices, but are adapted to smaller healthcare facilities. The payment terminal is equipped with a touch screen, making it easy to use. “Today, you purchase or rent the larger version, but it is both space-consuming and relatively expensive for smaller facilities. The smaller, portable version is therefore ideal for healthcare organizations with few employees, or who, for example, travel to see patients,” Tor Niklas Strøm explains.

Naturally, the smaller machines communicate just as well with different record systems as the larger ones, and they are an excellent way to test whether a payment machine is the right decision for a healthcare facility.

“Perhaps one of the very best aspects of working here is how I every day get to work with all stages of the development process, and how I can actually make a difference. Following a product or service from the moment the request or idea is received, until we launch, is both fun and rewarding.”
– Tor Niklas Strøm

Safer parking.

Nonetheless, Microlog does not only work with healthcare. As of today, they also supply machines for gift card purchases, ski passes, parking and various forms of ticket sales. In close cooperation with, among others, Vipps, they facilitate simple and seamless payment for several of the both smaller and larger tasks of everyday life.

They are now also helping to make parking safer for car owners across the country. “In cooperation with one of our customers, we have spent a great deal of the last time developing functionality that allows the user to lock car parks during certain periods of the day, while still allowing car owners to pick up their car when it suits them – regardless of the closing hours.” Kittikorn and Tor Niklas explain; “By using a screen located outside the car park, any person who has parked there will be able to access their own vehicle by entering the registration number of the car. That way, you no longer have to deal with opening hours or a third party to unlock the car park once the car is parked there. This provide both those responsible for the car park and the car owners with additional security for the car’s safety.”

The solution has been developed after one of Microlog’s customers started talking about how nice it would be to better secure parking customers through locked parks. And now this is possible – thanks to a small development team in a creative office at Langhus.

“We are very happy that we joined Microlog now that the company has really started to grow. There is so much happening now – and we get to take part in the development!”
– Kittikorn Detnoi

And the development does not stop here.

There are many more new and undiscovered projects and development opportunities out there just waiting for the team at Microlog.

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