Get to know the service and support department at Microlog

Microlog has recently experienced strong growth and increased demand. Siri Elisabeth Sogstad is a sales coordinator at Microlog and is responsible for the service and support department in the company. She says it has been an exciting journey to be part of, and that they are looking forward to the future.

A professionally strong team

Sogstad joined Microlog in June last year, and comes from the shopping center industry, where she worked for over 14 years. This means she has a unique understanding of what it´s like to be a customer of Microlog, which in turn has been useful in doing the best possible job as a sales coordinator.

I am responsible for all deliveries Microlog has, in all industries, both in Norway and abroad. My main responsibility is to ensure that all customers get what they have ordered, at the right time and with the quality that both we and our customers want” says Siri Elisabeth.

As well as being a sales coordinator, she is responsible for the service and support department at Microlog. This includes responsibility for three technicians, who work to assist their customers in the best possible way. She says that these are technicians with long experience and high technical competence.

“The service technicians are professionally strong in their field, while at the same time they have a clear customer focus. It’s an extremely skilled service team to work with, who knows the products we offer very well, and we work closely together every day,” says Sogstad.

Training and follow-up in the centre

She also says that when Microlog delivers a vending machine, emphasis is placed on providing good training for its customers. This means close follow-up in the start-up phase, with good training and introduction to the product, to make their customers able to handle both the machines and customer-related questions afterwards.

“It is important for us to ensure that our customers have the skills and tools they need to handle the product towards their end customers. After delivery of a product, we therefore follow up afterwards to ensure our customers are satisfied, and to confirm everything is working as it should,” says Siri Elisabeth.

Microlog´s service and support department also has a strong focus on good and accessible support, where their customers should have several contact options should anything arise. She says their customers will have support available if they need it.

“We have a good response time to our service inquiries. We provide service to our customers via e-mail and telephone support. In addition, we have a system where we can remotely monitor all our machines at our customers’ premises at any time. In this way, we can quickly capture if something happens, which gives us the opportunity to solve any challenges quickly and easily. If necessary, we also have the opportunity to visit our customers, for service and guidance,” explains Sogstad.

Continuous emphasis on further development and renewal

The work with satisfied customers also involves an active emphasis on preventing problems from arising at all for Microlog’s customers. She says that they therefore, among other things, start the day by a remote check of all vending machines, to look for potential problems to solve them as quickly as possible.

“We have a system where we remotely control if something is not as it should be, so throughout the day we have full control over our machines. If something is down, we can solve it right away,” says Sogstad.

Sogstad continues by telling it is very exciting to be part of the team behind Microlog, especially recently where a lot of new and exciting things have happened. In addition to the company experiencing strong growth, they have now employed two new technicians, and are looking forward for coming times.

“I think the most important element of being successful in a job like this is to constantly focus on further development and renewal. We can always improve, and even if things are going well, further development is important,” says Siri Elisabeth Sogstad.

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