Simplifying Operations: Microlog Enhances A-Medi’s Patient Services

Microlog’s newest partner is A-Medi, a private specialist clinic with a focus on holistic health services, located in Asker outside Oslo. Just before Easter, they installed two payment terminals from Microlog, which has had a lot to say for both efficiency and patient care in their business.


We have not had a payment terminal before, says Dina Grinde, general manager, doctor and co-owner of A-Medi. She further explains that the company was of the opinion that personal service with payment from the medical secretary at reception was better for their patients. But the secretary may be busy, taking blood tests, or serving patients on the phone. In addition, several people can be finished with the doctor at the same time.

Eventually, Dina and her colleagues saw that this was a worse service than offering their patients to pay through automatic terminals. Now you don’t have to wait in line in front of the reception.


Another reason why A-Medi decided to install payment terminals was to expand the capacity of the clinic, with more doctors on two floors, as opposed to previously when they had fewer offices on one floor.

We needed two payment points, so that patients would not have to go back and forth between floors.

As a result of the expansion, the choice was between hiring another doctor’s secretary, or rethinking by installing two payment terminals. Patients can still pay at the reception if you wish, but now the call is to use the machines.

This is much easier for all parties, emphasizes Dina.


Dina says that the experience and collaboration with Microlog is very good, and works well. They were recommended Microlog by their provider of a record system for healthcare specialists.

We depend on the payment system cooperating with the records system, and Microlog’s machines talk to our records system in the right way.

The supplier could tell A-Medi that Microlog is a proper and reliable company that delivers what they promise. And could offer exactly the services the clinic was looking for.

Although we are a completely private clinic, we are also suppliers in areas such as heart examination and orthopedic surgery in relation to free choice of treatment, which involves agreements with the public healthcare system.

The system of Microlog’s machines facilitates the payment of deductibles in this context.


Dina says with satisfaction that the payment machines are located in the waiting room on each floor. They are white and discreet, they do not take up much space, and on the screen A-Medi makes itself visible with its logo.

It looks nice and decorative, and gives the machine a personal touch. With the logo, they become part of the interior. And above all, they are easy to use.

Dina says that the clinic has still not received a single question about how to use them. In addition, it is very resource-saving for those who work at the clinic. It also frees up more time during the working day, says Dina.

With us, it often happens that the medical secretary’s working hours are over and that person has gone home before the last patient has left the doctor’s office. Then the patient can only go directly to the payment machine.

Eventually, the machine will include an arrival registration, where it marks that the patient has arrived at the agreed time. This function is activated as soon as the journal system provides support for it to Microlog’s systems. Then the patients will not have to queue at reception and wait for service.

All in all, the scheme saves a lot of time and resources, and we are very satisfied, both with the collaboration and the services Microlog has provided for us, concludes Dina.

Mariann, sales manager for health at Microlog, says that they are very concerned about good support for our customers. They work according to an ethical model, where the doctor himself decides the flow of money, and where everything goes directly to their own account.

In particular, the focus is on the health secretary, as they are usually on the front line. There is the possibility of settlement directly to the account within 24 hours, and it is easy to delete and change invoices and claims on Vipps. The patient can choose to pay for their consultation through Vipps, card or invoice, and an efficient report system facilitates the overview and processing of any invoice, as well as access to complete reports.

We are very concerned about satisfied customers and take ethical considerations in relation to the patient and the medical centre. Our many good references are our most important argument.

We warmly welcome A-Medi to us!

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