Increase sales of gift cards from your own online store

The Microlog online shop makes it easy for your customers to send digital greetings and gift cards by post to each other.

Increase sales of gift cards from your own online store

The Microlog online shop makes it easy for your customers to send digital greetings and gift cards by post to each other.

Increase sales of your gift cards by adding a new sales channel. The online store contributes to increasing turnover at your shopping centre.

Gift cards can be physically sent to the customer or supplied with a gift card code. The gift card code makes it possible to issue the gift card directly from the gift card vending machine.

The combination of online store, campaign feature and gift card vending machine contributes to increasing customer loyalty and selling more gift cards.

Make it easy for customers to shop from a mobile, tablet or computer. Solutions for B2B, B2C and shared gift cards are a complete innovation in the Nordic market.

Recruit for your customer club, and set up targeted campaigns. Use automated rewards to increase market share.

Sell gift cards both for individuals and businesses. With B2B, we also offer invoicing, reminder and ledger accounting services.

Send digital gift cards to anyone

Customers can send the gift card to their loved ones or employees as a gift card code by SMS and e-mail or as a physical gift card.

Customers are able to upload their own background image and video clip or choose among the many different alternative images suitable for any occasion.

Physical gift cards can be provided with your shopping centre on the cover.

Flexible design, customised to your profile

We design the online store with your logo and background image to make it seem like part of your own brand.

Visit our demo online store or visit the website of one of our existing customers to get an impression of what your page could look like.

Used with your existing gift cards

Increase sales of gift cards with this new sales channel. An online store for the sale of gift cards is practical for your customers.

Our solution makes it possible for your customers to sell a physical gift card or gift card code for use in your shopping centre.

It is that simple for customers

1. Enter recipient and gift card value

  • Select occasion and add a personal greeting, if required.
  • Choose whether to pay for the card yourself or share the amount. Share a gift card with family or friends by adding their e-mail address, suggested amount, fixed amount and expiry date of the shared card for those who want to participate.

2. Select delivery method

Select one of the following delivery methods:

3. Select design

Choose between different designs suitable for the occasion. You are also able to use your own design by uploading an image or a video.

4. Select payment method

Select one of the following payment methods:

You decide on the payment methods you want to use in the solution.

5. Finished – it’s that simple

The purchase is complete. The gift card will be sent to the recipient. As a registered user, you are able to check your order status and track whether gift cards have been collected and much more.


Specially designed online store for the sale of gift cards at your shopping centre

The online store is specially designed for use with your logo, colours, fonts, background images, additional products such as different covers and prices.

Customised to your existing gift cards

The online store can be customised to sell your existing gift cards. We set your minimum and maximum gift card values and VAT rates for the cards. We also offer a new gift card solution if you should require one.

Gift card code or physical gift card

Customers are able to purchase both physical gift cards and codes from the online store. Physical gift cards are sent by post while gift card codes are delivered by SMS or by e-mail. The solution provides the option of using the shopping centre’s own background images or uploading an image which is then delivered with the gift card code. The gift card code can be sent on a set date and at a set time, e.g. 5 pm on Christmas Eve.

Sell B2C gift cards

All customers can purchase gift cards or gift card codes. Payment can be made by Vipps, MobilePay or credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard. You yourself decide on your required active payment methods.

Sell B2B gift cards

If you spend a great deal of time on orders, requisitions, invoicing and tracking of payments, we are now able to offer a turnkey solution. If a business wishes to purchase gift cards, our system sends out an invoice. We also manage the tracking of payments – irrespective of whether payment relates to credit sales or prepayment.

Shared gift cards

You are now able to offer your customers shared gift cards. This is especially practical when several people wish to give a joint gift. Customers can easily add the e-mail addresses sharing the gift card. This generates an invitation prepost with a link to the defined shared gift card. The person initiating the shared gift card can choose whether the amount per person should be optional or the same for everyone. An expiry date can also be set for the shared gift card. When everyone has paid or the expiry date has been reached, the gift card is generated with the value that has been paid and is then sent to the selected recipient. Practical and simple.

Select payment methods

Choose your preferred payment methods (Vipps, MobilePay, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal etc.)*


We offer automated reporting by e-mail to anyone in your organisation who may require it. We offer weekly and monthly reports. You yourself are also able to generate reports on the web portal to which you will have access. We offer reconciliation reports to anyone in your organisation who may require it.


The customer is given the option of registering to store purchases and receipts. This contributes to greater loyalty and reuse of the online store. The customer can also register to receive e.g. customer news or invitations to VIP evenings.

In addition to our annual licence, we perform set-up, preparation and training of your staff. This is an optional extra at EUR 950 + VAT.

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