Health machine for your medical center

Health machine for your medical center

The customer can pay by card or Vipps. In addition, you can print an invoice directly from the machine. As a doctor, you will receive the settlement directly to your account the next day.

Health machine

Our healthcare solution simplifies the administration for healthcare workers.

The machine is user friendly and is used to report arrival, then to pay when you are finished and, on your way, out. The customer can pay with both debit and credit cards, as well as contactless.

User friendly and automation are the keywords. Our solution is fully automated, you only need to fill up on the receipt paper when you are notified via SMS or email.

Robust and good design that takes up little space
Microlog presents a payment machine that comes with industrial components. For you as a customer, this means high operational stability and profitability. The small footprint means that it fits in most places. The machine meets the requirements of Universal Design.

  • 27 ″ screen with the possibility of information in the upper part
  • 8-inch receipt paper, 500 receipts per roll
  • Net’s payment terminal with contactless reader
  • Windows PC w / Windows 10 Pro
  • Industrial quality
  • Requires regular network or 4G / 5G router
  • Encrypted traffic via VPN
  • Nemko, CE, EMC, PCI approved
  • Powder coated

Aslak Lie


The health machine is easy to use for their patients, at the same time as it is an advanced payment solution for their clinic.

Payment and invoice

  • Registration at arrival is performed by the patient themselves at the machine
  • The patient can then choose to pay at the machine when leaving or to receive an invoice for postpay payment
  • Payment can be done by card, VIPPS or invoice
  • The receipt can be printed or sent automatically by email or SMS

Reconciliation of payment terminal

  • Reconciliations are made to their own bank account
  • The customer portal collects all payment transactions
  • Sends daily reconciliations and weekly sales reports by email.

Clinic portal

  • Snapshot of their total patient claims with status over d.d.
  • Flexible reporting functionality, including week storage, monthly reports and payment terminal reconciliations
  • Registration of all transactions with a copy of receipts directly in the administration panel
  • Automated SMS or email alerts when filling in receipt paper (in good time before it’s empty)
  • Remote control of the payment unit
  • Remote upgrades and monitoring of machines

High security

  • The communication between the machine and the customer portal is encrypted
  • No customer data is stored
  • The machines are provided by Nets and are PCI approved

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