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The journey to 100 webshops in several countries

Several years of pandemic have opened the eyes of many companies to the importance of a high-quality, well-functioning online presence. The developments within e-commerce has increased considerably in recent years, and so has the demand for products from Microlog. Chief Product Owner with Microlog, Eva Åberg, says it is an exciting and educational journey Microlog […]

We develop for our customers and Microlog’s future

Working with technological advancements is all about creating tomorrow’s solutions. What will we really need? Where can we make life easier for people? Kittikorn Detnoi and Tor Niklas Strøm make up two thirds of the current development team at Microlog. Together, they daily work on requests and questions from customers who want a simpler everyday […]

The shopping center conference, 6-7 September in Bergen

This year’s NCSC Shopping Center Conference is over for now, and we at Microlog would like to thank everyone who visited our stand. Many thanks to all our customers who came by and shared their impressions and experiences. Thanks also to those of you who made your first contact with us. Now our work continues […]

Get to know the service and support department at Microlog

Microlog has recently experienced strong growth and increased demand. Siri Elisabeth Sogstad is a sales coordinator at Microlog and is responsible for the service and support department in the company. She says it has been an exciting journey to be part of, and that they are looking forward to the future. A professionally strong team […]

New possibilities with Microlog’s kiosks

picture shows a smiling man wearing a shirt

Recently, Microlog has been working on developing their vending machines, in order to help even more customers meet their business needs. Chief Technology Officer at Microlog, Eirik Finvold, has been in charge of this project, and he says it has been both exciting and educational to work on these new developments. “We have created a […]

Creative marketing of Microlog’s gift card machines

Smsmilende dame foran automat

There are many ways a company can reach their customers, and with an increasing number of companies in the market, it has become more important than ever to reach the right customers with the right message. Through their creative solutions, Strömstad Shoppingcenter has helped many customers find the perfect gift for those they care about. […]

Clearhill, – Make the most of Your Mall


We are proud to present Clearhill. Clearhill is our partner and distributor in UK and Ireland. Clearhill has developed a reputation for providing innovative products and generating significant income for customers whilst improving the overall shopping experience. They will now also deliver Microlog gift card solutions on their market. Clearhill offers unparalled gift card solutions […]