With full speed ahead

Microlog is spearheading a digital revolution in Norway’s healthcare sector, led by sales manager Mariann Sunde. The focus is on implementing digital payment solutions that streamline processes and enhance both patient and staff experiences. The introduction of compact, handheld payment devices is particularly aimed at smaller healthcare providers, optimizing their operational efficiency and record-keeping.

With full speed ahead!

The automation of Norway continues at great speed and one of the industries that is at the forefront of this development is the health sector. In the fight against time constraints, more and more doctors’ offices and health institutions have seen the value in freeing up time in the patient reception by making the payment section fully digital. And Microlog knows this development!

New possibilities with Microlog’s kiosks

Microlog is enhancing their vending machine technology to better serve customer business needs, led by Chief Technology Officer Eirik Finvold. Eirik finds the project to be both thrilling and enriching, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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