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Reaching 100 webshops in several different countries

bilde viser nettbrett og telefon som viser webshop og gavekort

Years of pandemic have opened the eyes of many companies to the importance of a complete and well-functioning product selection online. Developments in e-commerce have increased considerably in recent years, just like the demand for Microlog’s products. Chief Operating Officer at Microlog, Eva Åberg, says that it has been an exciting and educational journey for […]

Creative marketing of Microlog’s gift card machines

Smsmilende dame foran automat

There are many ways a company can reach their customers, and with an increasing number of companies in the market, it has become more important than ever to reach the right customers with the right message. Through their creative solutions, Strömstad Shoppingcenter has helped many customers find the perfect gift for those they care about. […]

The webshop that quickly became a customer success

For many companies, the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to growth and development. Microlog AS chose to focus on opportunities rather than obstacles. With its focus one excellent customer experiences and innovative solutions, Microlog has helped shopping centres and city centres across the Nordics adapt to the market. Eva Åberg, COO at Microlog, has had a hand […]


“Installation and use of the payment terminals has generally increased our customer service levels and simplified our working day significantly,” says Dina Grinde, general manager, physician and co-owner of A-Medi, Microlog’s latest partner. A-Medi is a private specialist clinic offering a comprehensive range of health services. The clinic has just expanded its capacity and premises […]


Microlog’s newest partner is A-Medi, a private specialist clinic focusing on comprehensive healthcare services, located in Asker outside Oslo. Over Easter, they had two Microlog payment terminals installed, something that has had a great impact on efficiency and patient care at the clinic. A SYSTEM WHERE EVERYONE WINS “We haven’t previously used payment terminals,” explains […]