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What we do

Creating technology for the freedom you seek

We provide complete payment and self-service solutions that liberate you from endless administrative burdens, allowing you to focus your time on what truly matters—your business growth and your life.

Because the true value of technology lies in the problems it solves and the lives it improves.

Gift card

Turn your business into an epicenter of gift-giving. Watch your sales and retention rise while saying goodbye to manual tracking with complete gift card programs packed with features.


Bring a sense of ease to your healthcare practice. Enjoy fully automated payments and self-service check-ins integrated with your EPJ, significantly reducing the heavy burden of admin work.


Make parking the easiest part of your customers’ day, while you manage any number of kiosks, locally, nationally or globally, with online control in real-time, freeing you from 99% of on-site demands.


Elevate your ski resort with easy skipass access. Give your visitors more time on the slopes and less time in line, while you digitally manage your kiosk from the comfort of your warm office.

Gift card testimonial

"Has by far exceeded our expectations!"

“With Aslak Lie and Microlog, we have found a parner for our center’s gift card machines that has by far exceeded our expectations.

– Michael Latz, Head of Department Marketing & Loyalty at ECE

Health testimonial

"Significantly enhanced our service quality!"

“The installation of The Health Kiosk has significantly enhanced our service quality and efficiantly streamlined our day-to-day operations.

– Dina Grine, Doctor and Managing Director at A-Medi

Connected to industry leaders across 9 countires

How it works

Microlog's technology is super-complex, yet easy to understand and even easier to use. It consists of three seamlessly integrated parts: the software, the hardware, and the web portal.

The web portal serves as your command center for managing all types of transactions, reports, data, and configurations.

The system securely captures, collects, and categorizes all of your data, significantly simplifying your daily operations, while ensuring a quick and easy experience for your customers.

As safe as it gets

From start to finish, Microlog protects all your funds and data using the highest encryption standards available.

Unwavering stability

Forget  “out of order”-notes. You’ll experience strong and reliable performance and impeccable operational stability.

Light-speed performance

Enjoy fast performance from our hardware, software, customer support, and developer team.

Customer success

Experience unrivaled customer service that’s always prompt, professional, and personalized.

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