Reaching 100 webshops in several different countries

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Years of pandemic have opened the eyes of many companies to the importance of a complete and well-functioning product selection online. Developments in e-commerce have increased considerably in recent years, just like the demand for Microlog’s products. Chief Operating Officer at Microlog, Eva Åberg, says that it has been an exciting and educational journey for Microlog for the past couple of years.

We have now launched over 100 webshops, in Sweden, Norway, Finland, England and Ireland, and we see an increase in profits for the shopping centers that have chosen to add a webshop to their product delivery platforms,” Eva Åberg says, responsible for everything related to gift cards at Microlog.

Furthermore, Åberg says that customers who have used Microlog to set up their webshops increase their profits by somewhere between 15 and 20 percent on average. Although it is important that the customers themselves focus on consistent and creative marketing of their webshops, it is also important that the webshop itself is as good as possible.

“These webshops are available around the clock, you can order gift cards whenever you want and then decide for yourself when the recipient will receive it. Furthermore, the webshop is completely integrated with the center’s own website,” Åberg says.

Having a focus on good solutions for a seamless customer experience with an intuitive layout, makes it easy for the customers to use the webshop, while the center has the opportunity to adapt the webshop to its own design and brand. This aspect of online shopping has been important for companies during the pandemic, but Åberg points out that many companies have also been thinking ahead.

We see that many centers have been looking ahead during the pandemic. The fact that the pandemic is now more or less over gives the centers new opportunities to market and generate traffic.

Many have moved online, or supplemented their offer by adding webshops from Microlog, to give their customers better options for shopping. That is still just as important,” Åberg says.

Despite enormous growth and great success in a number of countries over the past couple of years, Åberg says that Microlog has a focus on always developing. It is important for them to meet their customers where they are, and they therefore continuously work to develop the product.

“We are always working to develop the webshops with new functionality and new ways for our customers to benefit from them. Microlog never stands still, and our product is under constant development,” Åberg adds.

Like most companies succeeding in competitive markets, Åberg does not want to reveal everything they have planned for the future. However, she still wants to share that there will be new features available this very spring, which will give their customers new opportunities.

We listen to our customers a lot. After all, they are the ones who use the webshop, and we want to know what kind of comments they have and how we can improve, Åberg says.

If you want to learn more about our webshop or have questions, you are very welcome to contact us.

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