The webshop that quickly became a customer success

For many companies, the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to growth and development. Microlog AS chose to focus on opportunities rather than obstacles. With its focus one excellent customer experiences and innovative solutions, Microlog has helped shopping centres and city centres across the Nordics adapt to the market. Eva Åberg, COO at Microlog, has had a hand in shaping this journey.

“As the market leader in gift card vending machines in the Nordics, we chose to develop a webshop for the sale of physical gift cards and digital retrieval codes linked to the machines. The aim was to contribute to getting customers back to the shops quickly. We launched our first webshop in May last year in a shopping centre in Sweden. By the summer of this year, we had launched almost 100 webshops in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland and the UK. Being able to shop online and send gifts digitally or as a physical card obviously means a great deal to customers. We are starting to receive data that indicates that having a webshop increases sales by about 15-20%, and that is a surprising amount. To make it easy, customers can also pay with Vipps which means that time is saved on the purchase as well,” says Åberg.

New solutions provide excellent results

The company specialises in helping its customers to offer unique payment solutions, and businesses that teamed up with Microlog come from a range of sectors – from shopping centres to the healthcare sector. Their focus on quality and excellent solutions has resulted in rapid growth, and great success when it comes to their online shops, which Åberg works closely with.

“I’m the product owner of the webshop and help to develop it and drive all projects towards our customers,” says Åberg. “For some of the customers, I am also end customer support and help customers who call in or have questions about something,” says Åberg.

Åberg joined Microlog almost a year and a half ago, and her 20 years of experience in the shopping centre industry have given her valuable insight when it comes to identifying the needs of customers. She also has international experience, as she worked for Steen & Strøm in Norway, Sweden and Denmark for 18 years, which has prepared her well for the processes she now runs.

“I have the background when it comes to the customer side of the process. I am now on the supplier side when offering this service, and this benefits the customers,” says Åberg.

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Focus on a complete solution

Although people are already leaning more towards digital, the pandemic made it even more important for businesses to be able to offer their services online. Microlog was ready to help with this. Åberg explains that even though people did not have the opportunity to go to physical shops during the pandemic, it was still important for customers to be able to give gifts. This has led to new heights for Microlog’s webshop.

“We’re not alone in offering webshops. There are other solution providers as well, of course, but we’re probably the provider with the broadest solution, I think. The one with the most options and features for our customers,” says Åberg.

The solution is currently available in eight different languages as many centres have customers of different nationalities. Åberg is looking forward to participating in developing the solution further and continuing to work with the many customers who want the solution in place before Christmas.

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