Microlog’s newest partner is A-Medi, a private specialist clinic focusing on comprehensive healthcare services, located in Asker outside Oslo. Over Easter, they had two Microlog payment terminals installed, something that has had a great impact on efficiency and patient care at the clinic.


“We haven’t previously used payment terminals,” explains Dina Grinde, general manager, physician and co-owner of A-Medi. She continues to explain that the clinic was of the opinion that personal service where patients paid the medical secretary in reception was better for their patients. But the secretary was sometimes busy taking blood tests or speaking to patients on the telephone. Several patients may also finish their appointments at the same time.

Eventually, Dina and her colleagues recognised that this was a worse service than offering their patients the option of paying on automated terminals. Now they do not have to wait in line in front of reception.


Another reason that A-Medi decided to install payment terminals was the clinic’s capacity expansion, with more doctors over two floors, in contrast to earlier when they had fewer rooms on just one floor.

“We needed two payment points so that patients would be able to avoid having to go backwards and forwards between floors.”

As a result of the expansion, the choice was either to employ another medical secretary or innovate by installing two payment terminals. Patients are still able to pay in reception if they wish to, but now we encourage patients to use the terminals.

“This is much easier for all parties,” emphasises Dina.


Dina explains that their experience and partnership with Microlog has been very good and works well. Microlog was recommended to A-Medi by their supplier of medical records systems for healthcare specialists.

“We depend on the payment system working with the medical records system, and Microlog’s terminals talk to our records system in the right way.”

The supplier told A-Medi that Microlog was a reliable company that always keeps its promises. And was able to offer precisely the services the clinic was looking for.

“Although we are a private clinic, we are also suppliers in areas such as cardiac examinations and orthopaedic surgery as part of the free choice of treatment, which involves agreements with the public health service.”

The system for Microlog’s payment terminals facilitates the self-payment in this context.


Dina explains that the payment terminals are located in the waiting room on each floor, something she is delighted about. They are white and discreet, they do not take up much room and the logo gives A-Medi a presence on screen.

“It looks efficient and decorative and also gives the terminal a customised look. With the logo, the terminals become part of the interior. And first and foremost they are easy to use.”

Dina says that the clinic has still not been asked a single question about how to use them. The terminals are also very economical in terms of resources for those who work at the clinic. “More time is also freed up during the working day,” says Dina.

“It often happens that the medical secretary’s working day is over and that he or she has gone home before the last patients have finished their appointments.” This means that patients can simply go directly to the payment terminal.

In the long run, the terminal will register arrivals to confirm that patients have arrived at the agreed time. This feature will be activated as soon as the records system provides support for it on Microlog’s systems. Patients will then not have to stand in line at reception and wait to be served.

“So all in all, the solution saves a great deal of time and resources, and we are very satisfied, both with the partnership and the services Microlog has provided with us,” Dina concludes.

Mariann, sales manager for health at Microlog, says that Microlog is very keen to offer excellent support to our customers. They work according to an ethical model, where doctors themselves determine the flow of money and where everything goes directly to their own account.

The focus is especially on the medical secretaries, as they are usually the front line. It is possible to pay straight into account within 24 hours, and it is easy to delete and change invoices and reminders on Vipps. Patients can choose to pay for their consultation through Vipps, by card or invoice, and an efficient reporting system facilitates a clear overview and processing of any invoice, as well as access to complete reports.

“We are very keen to ensure that our customers are satisfied, and we take ethical considerations as regards patients and the medical centre into account. Our many excellent references are key to our success.”

We are delighted to welcome A-Medi to our offering!

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