We offer different kiosks, and also custom made kiosks. We help you make your own special design. If you want the kiosk foiled with you logo and message we make it for you! Simple as that!

All kiosks we make are CE, FCC, Nemko, Seko, EMC, PNC and BSK -approved. With new kiosks we always deliver the documentation you need. We make your business safe!

Hybrid Payment and gift card kiosk

Card dispensing kiosk

When you need to dispense loyalty cards, gift cards or membership cards. A proven solution trough many years.

Parking kiosk

Rugged parking kiosks for indoor parking space.

Ticketing kiosk

Ticket kiosk supporting different payment methods like contactless, credit and debit cards.

Height adjustable kiosk

Height adjustable kiosk with keyboard.

Information kiosk

Information kiosk or ticketing kiosk.

Hybrid floor kiosk

Serve your customers when they have different needs

Indoor wall kiosk

Kiosks designed when space matters.

Through wall kiosk

Kiosks made to serve your customers 24/7/365

Custom made kiosks

The special design made only for you!