Microlog Customer Service We take care of all your needs.

Our goal is satisfied customers. Microlog monitors 300 vending machines in Europe. The portfolio consists of various types of machines within the following areas; Healthcare, retail, gift cards, parking, ticketing and customs clearance.

Our customer service has the following quality objectives;

  • We must be solution-oriented
  • We must be patient
  • We are going to listen
  • We will offer the knowledge you need
  • We are going to learn

We provide you and your company with long-term cooperation. We will contribute to your company's profitability through the knowledge we possess and our solutions.

Using various auxiliary tools, our solutions monitor and administer 24-hour automated solutions all year round. Our solutions are highly automated, and communicate with both you and Microlog if processes stop working for one reason or another. Many processes are also automated and start by themselves to keep production going. This contributes to stable operation and your success.