Microlog solves your challenges when you want to sell gift certificates easily, quickly and safely. Our solutions are easy from the sale of gift cards, And sell more gift cards than you have ever done before! Your customers will be able to make the purchase themselves.Ease of use and automation are the key words. Our solution is fully automated, All you need to do is fill in gift certificates and receipt papers when you are notified by SMS or e-mail. The voucher will tell you when something needs to be done:

• SMS / email to anyone you choose to choose in your organization when you need to fill in gift certificates and receipt papers
• SMS / e-mail when something goes wrong with someone
• Microlog customer support monitors your operation and we are always on top of the situation remote, local and via phone / email

Our solution has evolved and matured since we started product development in 2007. Today we run a major operation and serve about 250 vending machines in Europe. Next year we will provide a further 80 gift card kiosk. Our success is based on simplicity and quality. Our software is developed in Norway. The advantage of this is that we quickly make adjustments and necessary changes.