Bussring is responsible for the operation of the airport bus in Tromsø. The airport bus had a problem with efficiency when suddenly a busload of passengers would come on board. When the passengers were to pay, it could take up to 10 minutes before the bus could run. Microlog was asked if a ticket could be quickly made for sale of tickets. We looked at different designs for vending machines and eventually agreed on a functional design for the customer. We also made a specification for the software that should be flexible and easy to use for bus passengers. The software became very simple but at the same time advanced with regard to reporting requirements. The reports are intended to meet the requirements of the auditor, which will contribute to major savings.

Torbjørn Johansen at Bussring AS is very pleased with the complete solution that makes boarding faster and easier for both the customer and the driver. At the same time, the ticket machine saves a lot of time as the bus driver now can use the time to drive passengers safely between Langnes airport and Tromsø city. Microlog is responsible for the operation of the machine. We in Microlog thank Bussring AS for the assignment.